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In the following page you can choose your lists with fundamental details of the companies on the Italian national territory such as company name, phone number, fax nr, address, house number, zip code, city, province and product category; If these parameters does not satisfy you CONTACT US because we have DB with information of numbers of employees, turnover , web address, email, etc. useful to an even more precise selection and segmentation of the market of interest.

When a company contacts us to request a list the first step is to identify what type of product needs to be proposed and who is the type of user that is more logical and convenient to contact. Once the survey is completed, we proceed with the extraction of data from our DB and with the execution of complex and well organized lists that correspond perfectly to the request.

Of course, we ask the customer how many contacts are needed for his activity, and according to the needs we expand or restrict the search based on the information available in the directory. The Data Base is continuously updated, and with the steady entrance and exit of data, we regularly update the lists available for the customers in order to guarantee maximum accuracy.

Our specialization is the creation and the supply of contact lists as reliable as possible, we analyze all the variants and the reference factors, so we can guarantee customers an effective utilization.

Our company is not limited to the supply of contacts on the national territory but we are also able to offer professional and specific lists for international registries. A complete service which allows us to be the best partner for all companies that carry out communications operations to potential customers and users of the proposed services.