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1131 East Washington Llc
Companies Not Classified
1131 e Washington Blvd 90021-3058 - Los Angeles (CA)
11433 Rochester Ave 90025-2474 - Los Angeles (CA)
11515s Budlong Lp
11517 s Budlong Ave 90044-1267 - Los Angeles (CA)
11620 Wilshire Llc
Real Estate Management
6380 Wilshire Blvd # 200 90048-5013 - Los Angeles (CA)
11610 Stanford Ave 90059-2399 - Los Angeles (CA)
1171 Production Group
Audio Visual Production Service
919 Cooper Ave 90042-1517 - Los Angeles (CA)
11718 Darlington Llc
Companies Not Classified
11718 Darlington Ave 90049-5524 - Los Angeles (CA)
11748 Kiowa Assoc
Companies Not Classified
11748 Kiowa Ave 90049-6121 - Los Angeles (CA)
11811 Llc
Motion Picture Servicing
1307 Hauser Blvd 90019-2522 - Los Angeles (CA)
1186 w 36 Llc
1186 w 36th St 90007-4044 - Los Angeles (CA)
144 e 118th St 90061-2499 - Los Angeles (CA)
11910 Venice
Real Estate
1841 Sawtelle Blvd 90025-7022 - Los Angeles (CA)
1106 e 11th St 90021-2038 - Los Angeles (CA)
11th Street Electronics
Automobile Radio And Stereo Systems Sls Service
1109 s Central Ave 90021-2041 - Los Angeles (CA)
12 05 Am Productions Llc
Television Program Producers
6834 Hollywood Blvd # 600 90028-6135 - Los Angeles (CA)
12 k Apparel Inc
Fashion Designers
110 e 9th St 90079-1300 - Los Angeles (CA)
120 e 25th Street Llc
Elevator Consultants
2500 s Main St 90007-2732 - Los Angeles (CA)
121 Tire & Wheel
Wheels And Wheel Covers
618 e Rosecrans Ave 90059-3507 - Los Angeles (CA)
1210 North Kings Road Hoa
Companies Not Classified
1210 n Kings Rd 90069-2852 - Los Angeles (CA)
1222 West Gate Home Owners
Companies Not Classified
1222 s Westgate Ave 90025-1426 - Los Angeles (CA)
123 Academy
Schools Nursery And Kindergarten Academic
987 s Gramercy Pl 90019-2155 - Los Angeles (CA)
123 Bail Bonds
Bonds Bail
767 n Hill St 90012-2343 - Los Angeles (CA)
123 Bail Bonds
Bonds Bail
2049 Century Park e 90067-3101 - Los Angeles (CA)
123 Bail Bonds
Bonds Bail
300 s Grand Ave 90071-3109 - Los Angeles (CA)

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Dubbed the "City of Angels," Los Angeles is a highly prominent city in the United States. It is the second-largest in the country and the county seat of Los Angeles County. The city, popularly called LA, is the most populous in California and sits in a coastal basin in the southern part of the state. Downtown LA is home to the largest government center in the United States, after Washington, D.C.

The city is known for its ethnic diversity and Mediterranean climate. It boasts one of the highest numbers of Hispanics in the country and has a significantly large Asian community, playing hosts to several barrios as well as Chinatown, Little Tokyo, and Korea town. The city’s South-Central is ethnically diverse, with the black population being the most predominant. The inhabitants of the city are sometimes called Angelenos.

Los Angeles is a major entertainment center in the U.S., playing home to the world-famous Hollywood. It tops the world in terms of television and recorded music productions. The leading industry in the city is leisure and hospitality, which accounted for more than 488,000 jobs in 2015. Los Angeles is equally a major center of international trade, manufacturing and banking. It plays host to several well-known institutions in different fields. More than 700,000 people and 190,000 people are engaged in health/biomedical services and aerospace/technology respectively in the city’s five-county area.

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