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Database American Companies - Selection by Category

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Abdominal Supports Wholesale

117 Companies

Abortion Alternatives Organizations

2.284 Companies

Abortion Information And Services

957 Companies

Abrasive Cutting

50 Companies

Abrasive Products Manufacturers

460 Companies

Abrasives Wholesale

664 Companies

Absorbents Wholesale

80 Companies


2.230 Companies

Accessories Fashion

3.261 Companies

Accident And Health Ins Underwriters

101 Companies

Accident Reconstruction Service

217 Companies


174 Companies


114.952 Companies

Accountants Certified General

111 Companies

Accountants Certified Management

53 Companies

Accountants Referral Service

212 Companies

Accounting And Bookkeeping General Service

25.999 Companies

Accounting And Bookkeeping Systems Wholesale

89 Companies

Accounting Bookkeeping Mach Supplies Wholesale

379 Companies

Acoustical Consultants

360 Companies

Acoustical Contractors

1.480 Companies

Acoustical Materials

677 Companies

Acoustical Materials Wholesale

74 Companies


573 Companies


15.262 Companies

Acupuncture Schools

55 Companies

Addiction Treatment Centers

398 Companies

Adhesives And Glues Manufacturers

242 Companies

Adhesives And Glues Wholesale

506 Companies

Adhesives And Gluing Equipment Manufacturers

76 Companies

Adhesives And Sealants Manufacturers

542 Companies

Adjusters Public

368 Companies

Adoption Agencies

2.128 Companies

Adult Care Facilities

1.481 Companies

Adult Congregate Living Facilities

138 Companies


2.360 Companies

Advertising Aerial

186 Companies

Advertising Agencies And Counselors

20.648 Companies

Advertising Art Layout And Production Service

147 Companies

Advertising Computer

5.670 Companies

Advertising Coupons

164 Companies

Advertising Direct Mail

2.598 Companies

Advertising Directory And Guide

1.658 Companies

Advertising Distributors

126 Companies

Advertising Indoor

94 Companies

Advertising Magazine

365 Companies

Advertising Marketing

877 Companies

Advertising Motion Picture

71 Companies

Advertising Newspaper

1.891 Companies

Advertising Outdoor

2.056 Companies

Advertising Periodical

205 Companies

Advertising Promotional

4.689 Companies

Advertising Radio

1.234 Companies

Advertising Shoppers' Guides

106 Companies

Advertising Specialties Manufacturers

1.403 Companies

Advertising Specialties Wholesale

5.421 Companies

Advertising Television

1.146 Companies

Advertising Transit And Transportation

150 Companies

Advertising Video Production Services

141 Companies

Aerial Applicators

1.702 Companies

Aerosols Manufacturers

60 Companies

Aerospace Industries Manufacturers

2.348 Companies

Aerospace Support Services Technical

86 Companies

African Goods

258 Companies

Aggregates Construction Materials Wholesale

71 Companies

Agricultural Chemicals Wholesale

964 Companies

Agricultural Consultants

1.738 Companies

Agricultural Contractors

138 Companies

Agricultural Implements And Supplies Wholesale

178 Companies

Agricultural Products

2.559 Companies

Agricultural Research

58 Companies

Agricultural Technicians

156 Companies

Aids Information And Testing

633 Companies

Air Ambulance Service

655 Companies

Air And Gas Compressors Manufacturers

124 Companies

Air Balancing

290 Companies

Air Brushing

114 Companies

Air Cargo Service

2.672 Companies

Air Cleaning And Purifying Equipment Manufacturers

234 Companies

Air Cleaning And Purifying Equipment Wholesale

733 Companies

Air Conditioning And Heating Service Repair

1.864 Companies

Air Conditioning Contractors And Systems

51.828 Companies

Air Conditioning Equipment And Systems Wholesale

305 Companies

Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturers

145 Companies

Air Conditioning Equipment Repair

5.074 Companies

Air Conditioning Htg Refrig Equipment Manufacturers

347 Companies

Air Conditioning Room Units Dealers

224 Companies

Air Conditioning Room Units Renting

72 Companies

Air Conditioning Supplies And Parts Manufacturers

699 Companies

Air Conditioning Supplies And Parts Wholesale

2.739 Companies

Air Conditioning Systems Cleaning

342 Companies

Air Courier Services

633 Companies

Air Fragrances

57 Companies

Air Pollution Control

329 Companies

Air Pollution Measuring Service

84 Companies

Air Purification And Filtration Equipment

223 Companies

Air Transportation Nonscheduled

87 Companies

Aircraft Avionics Sales And Service Wholesale

437 Companies

Aircraft Brokers Wholesale

160 Companies

Aircraft Charter Rental And Leasing Service

2.719 Companies

Aircraft Components Manufacturers

874 Companies

Aircraft Dealers

3.590 Companies

Aircraft Engines And Engine Parts Manufacturers

341 Companies

Aircraft Engines Servicing And Maintenance

87 Companies

Aircraft Engines Wholesale

127 Companies

Aircraft Equipment Parts And Supplies

2.764 Companies

Aircraft Equipment Parts And Supplies Manufacturers

307 Companies

Aircraft Equipment Parts And Supplies Wholesale

101 Companies

Aircraft Ground Support And Service Equip

269 Companies

Aircraft Instruments Wholesale

103 Companies

Aircraft Manufacturers

562 Companies

Aircraft Rebuilding Wholesale

73 Companies

Aircraft Refinishing And Painting

80 Companies

Aircraft Schools

1.476 Companies

Aircraft Servicing And Maintenance

4.121 Companies

Aircraft Storage

146 Companies

Aircraft Upholsterers

79 Companies

Airline Companies

2.679 Companies

Airline Support Services

575 Companies

Airline Ticket Agencies

1.058 Companies

Airport Authority And Terminal Services

101 Companies

Airport Equipment And Supplies Manufacturers

75 Companies

Airport Parking Service

247 Companies

Airport Services

3.535 Companies

Airport Transportation Service

5.330 Companies


8.887 Companies

Alcohol Wholesale

102 Companies

Alcoholism Information And Treatment Ctrs

10.281 Companies

Alkalies And Chlorine Manufacturers

84 Companies

All Terrain Vehicles

1.813 Companies

Allergy Physicians

407 Companies

Alloys Wholesale

146 Companies


94 Companies

Alterations Clothing

8.506 Companies

Alternative Fuels

14.378 Companies

Alternative Medicine

3.339 Companies

Alternators And Generators Automotive

941 Companies

Alternators And Generators Automotive Repair

564 Companies

Alternators And Starters Marine Manufacturers

59 Companies

Aluminum Die Castings Manufacturers

228 Companies

Aluminum Extruded Products Manufacturers

216 Companies

Aluminum Fabricators Manufacturers

605 Companies

Aluminum Rolling And Drawing Manufacturers

60 Companies

Aluminum Sheet Plate And Foil Manufacturers

53 Companies

Aluminum Wholesale

1.578 Companies

Alzheimers Education Referral Support

216 Companies

Ambulance Service

10.074 Companies

Ambulances And Hearses Wholesale

84 Companies

Ambulette Service

194 Companies


299 Companies

Ammunition Reloading Equipment And Supplies

153 Companies


58 Companies

Amusement And Recreation

10.372 Companies

Amusement And Theme Parks

368 Companies

Amusement Devices

1.242 Companies

Amusement Park Rides Equipment Manufacturers

71 Companies

Amusement Park Rides Equipment Wholesale

493 Companies

Amusement Places

4.257 Companies

Ancsa Native Corporations

129 Companies


605 Companies

Animal Adoptions

107 Companies

Animal And Bird Housing

622 Companies

Animal Breeders

175 Companies

Animal Carcass Removal Manufacturers

121 Companies

Animal Health Products Manufacturers

203 Companies

Animal Health Products Wholesale

1.577 Companies

Animal Hospitals

23.668 Companies

Animal Protection Organizations

122 Companies

Animal Rescue Relocation And Transporting

741 Companies

Animal Shelters

2.629 Companies

Animal Specialties

364 Companies

Animal Therapy Alternative

1.179 Companies

Animal Training

60 Companies

Animals Pest Trappers

514 Companies

Animated Film Services

190 Companies

Anodizing Manufacturers

221 Companies

Answering Machines Automatic

60 Companies


724 Companies

Anti Aging Products And Treatments

63 Companies

Antiques Dealers

25.950 Companies

Antiques Repairing And Restoring

1.911 Companies

Antiques Reproductions

198 Companies

Antiques Wholesale

91 Companies

Apartment Cleaning

54 Companies

Apartment Finding And Rental Service

3.848 Companies

Apartment Rental Agencies

460 Companies


122.072 Companies

Apartments Short Term

197 Companies

Apparel And Accessories Manufacturers

314 Companies

Apparel And Garments

3.537 Companies

Apparel Mens Wholesale

696 Companies

Appetizers And Snacks Etc

73 Companies

Appliances Commercial Ind Sales Repair

69 Companies

Appliances Household Major Dealers

13.361 Companies

Appliances Household Major Manufacturers

333 Companies

Appliances Household Major Renting

1.093 Companies

Appliances Household Major Repairing

16.616 Companies

Appliances Household Major Supplies Wholesale

1.496 Companies

Appliances Household Major Used

1.150 Companies

Appliances Household Major Wholesale

377 Companies

Appliances Household Small Dealers

337 Companies

Appliances Household Small Repairing

774 Companies

Appliances Household Small Wholesale

71 Companies

Appliances Hshld Small Supplies Prts Wholesale

204 Companies


13.201 Companies

Appraisers Industrial And Commercial

65 Companies

Apprenticeship Training Programs

290 Companies


139 Companies

Aquariums And Aquarium Supplies

1.307 Companies

Aquariums And Aquarium Supplies Leasing Mntc

384 Companies

Aquariums And Aquarium Supplies Wholesale

55 Companies

Aquariums Public

112 Companies

Arbitration Services

4.700 Companies


154 Companies


490 Companies


657 Companies


358 Companies

Archery Equipment And Supplies

1.598 Companies

Archery Equipment And Supplies Wholesale

66 Companies

Archery Instruction

59 Companies

Archery Ranges

283 Companies


39.767 Companies

Architects And Builders Service

1.075 Companies

Architects And Engineers

184 Companies

Architects Supplies Wholesale

147 Companies

Architectural And Constr Specifications

189 Companies

Architectural Consultants

257 Companies

Architectural Designers

804 Companies

Architectural Details

235 Companies

Architectural Illustrators

559 Companies

Architectural Ornamental Mtl Work Manufacturers

778 Companies

Architectural Services

90 Companies

Armatures Repairing And Rewinding

50 Companies

Armored Car Service

891 Companies

Army And Navy Goods

840 Companies


383 Companies


354 Companies

Art Centers

465 Companies

Art Consultants

70 Companies

Art Dealers Wholesale

129 Companies

Art Galleries And Dealers

25.898 Companies

Art Goods Manufacturers

134 Companies

Art Instruction And Schools

2.851 Companies

Art Metal Work Wholesale

68 Companies

Art Publishers Manufacturers

80 Companies

Art Restoring

776 Companies

Arthritis Help Groups

112 Companies

Artificial Breasts

364 Companies

Artificial Eyes Human Manufacturers

102 Companies

Artificial Flowers And Plants And Trees

1.226 Companies

Artificial Flowers And Plants And Trees Manufacturers

58 Companies

Artificial Grass

182 Companies

Artificial Limbs

3.595 Companies

Artificial Limbs Manufacturers

91 Companies

Artists Agents

442 Companies

Artists Commercial

6.441 Companies

Artists Fine Arts

4.055 Companies

Artists Materials And Supplies

1.561 Companies

Artists Sculpture

53 Companies

Arts Organizations And Information

4.888 Companies

Asbestos And Asbestos Free Prods Manufacturers

90 Companies

Asbestos Consulting And Testing

431 Companies

Asbestos Removal Service

1.697 Companies

Asbestos Removal Supplies And Equipment Wholesale

90 Companies

Asphalt And Asphalt Products

5.048 Companies

Asphalt And Asphalt Products Manufacturers

779 Companies

Asphalt Felts And Coatings Manufacturers

57 Companies

Asphalt Paving Contractors

2.226 Companies

Assembly And Fabricating Service Manufacturers

3.966 Companies

Assessment Consultants

93 Companies

Asset Management

485 Companies

Asset Protection Consultants

93 Companies

Assisted Living Facility Consultants

315 Companies

Association Management

1.347 Companies


51.003 Companies


342 Companies

Athletic Clothing

58 Companies

Athletic Organizations

2.556 Companies

Atm Sales And Service Wholesale

378 Companies

Attic And Basement Finishing

57 Companies

Attorney Bar Associations

65 Companies

Attorney Referral Service

787 Companies


580.989 Companies

Attorneys Service Bureaus

1.563 Companies


10.372 Companies

Audio Visual Consultants

861 Companies

Audio Visual Creative Services

105 Companies

Audio Visual Equipment And Supplies Wholesale

1.098 Companies

Audio Visual Equipment Dealers

3.598 Companies

Audio Visual Equipment Renting And Leasing

1.229 Companies

Audio Visual Equipment Repairing

311 Companies

Audio Visual Production Service

2.526 Companies


4.464 Companies


50 Companies


179 Companies

Autism Counseling And Treatment

170 Companies

Autism Information And Referral Service

123 Companies

Auto Seatcovers Etc Material Equipment Manufacturers

51 Companies

Auto Warranty Repair Service

219 Companies

Autograph Dealers

99 Companies

Automated Teller Machines

52.492 Companies

Automatic Contrls Residential Coml Manufacturers

81 Companies

Automation Consultants

1.226 Companies

Automation Systems And Equipment Manufacturers

1.577 Companies

Automation Systems And Equipment Wholesale

236 Companies

Automation Technology Services

59 Companies

Automobile Accessories

1.841 Companies

Automobile Air Conditioning Equipment

5.282 Companies

Automobile Alarms

1.630 Companies

Automobile And Truck Brokers Wholesale

2.535 Companies

Automobile Antique And Classic

1.711 Companies

Automobile Appraisers

683 Companies

Automobile Auctions Wholesale

1.372 Companies

Automobile Body Manufacturers

171 Companies

Automobile Body Repairing And Painting

57.737 Companies

Automobile Body Shop Equipment Manufacturers

840 Companies

Automobile Body Shop Equipment Supplies Wholesale

3.304 Companies

Automobile Bumpers Guards And Grills

319 Companies

Automobile Buyers Wholesale

702 Companies

Automobile Clubs

1.044 Companies

Automobile Computer Equipment And Repair

58 Companies

Automobile Customizing

4.268 Companies

Automobile Dealers Custom Designed Replica

82 Companies

Automobile Dealers Electric Cars

437 Companies

Automobile Dealers New Cars

37.377 Companies

Automobile Dealers Performance And Race

1.202 Companies

Automobile Dealers Used Cars

84.928 Companies

Automobile Dealers Used Cars Wholesale

691 Companies

Automobile Detail And Clean Up Service

12.872 Companies

Automobile Diagnostic Service

1.747 Companies

Automobile Dismantling Recycling Wholesale

802 Companies

Automobile Electric Equipment

186 Companies

Automobile Electric Service

2.397 Companies

Automobile Emission Testing

656 Companies

Automobile Frame Straightening

215 Companies

Automobile Glass Service And Installation

7.319 Companies

Automobile Graphics Manufacturers

71 Companies

Automobile Hub Caps

162 Companies

Automobile Inspection Stations New Used

4.476 Companies

Automobile Leasing

4.097 Companies

Automobile Lock Out Service

202 Companies

Automobile Lubrication Service

11.500 Companies

Automobile Machine Shop Service

3.660 Companies

Automobile Manufacturers

246 Companies

Automobile Manufacturers Equipment And Supplies Wholesale

177 Companies

Automobile Manufacturers Equipment Supplies Manufacturers

97 Companies

Automobile Motor Rebuilding

213 Companies

Automobile Motors Wholesale

95 Companies

Automobile Paint

271 Companies

Automobile Parts And Supplies Antique Wholesale

240 Companies

Automobile Parts And Supplies Manufacturers

4.277 Companies

Automobile Parts And Supplies New

49.719 Companies

Automobile Parts And Supplies Wholesale

4.909 Companies

Automobile Parts Used And Rebuilt Wholesale

10.431 Companies

Automobile Parts Warehouses Wholesale

102 Companies

Automobile Performance Sports Car Repair

68 Companies

Automobile Purchasing Consultants

233 Companies

Automobile Racing Car Equipment

3.951 Companies

Automobile Radiator Manufacturers

144 Companies

Automobile Radiator Repairing

2.946 Companies

Automobile Radio And Stereo Systems Manufacturers

60 Companies

Automobile Radio And Stereo Systems Sls Service

3.877 Companies

Automobile Radio And Stereo Systems Wholesale

156 Companies

Automobile Radio Stereo Systems Repairing

78 Companies

Automobile Reconditioning

60 Companies

Automobile Remote Starters

75 Companies

Automobile Renting

17.755 Companies

Automobile Repair Service Equipment And Supplies Manufacturers

519 Companies

Automobile Repair Service Equipment Supplies Wholesale

1.588 Companies

Automobile Repair Service Facilities Renting

69 Companies

Automobile Repairing And Service

176.416 Companies

Automobile Repairing And Service Mobile

196 Companies

Automobile Restoration Antique And Classic

2.529 Companies

Automobile Seatcovers Manufacturers

106 Companies

Automobile Seatcovers Tops And Upholstery

3.347 Companies

Automobile Seatcovers Wholesale

153 Companies

Automobile Smog Control Devices

132 Companies

Automobile Smog Control Inspections

3.515 Companies

Automobile Stereo Equipment And Accessories

109 Companies

Automobile Storage

688 Companies

Automobile Sunroofs

267 Companies

Automobile Suspensions

56 Companies

Automobile Title Loans

765 Companies

Automobile Transporters And Drive Away Co

1.951 Companies

Automobile Undercoating And Rustproofing

234 Companies

Automobile Upholstery Cleaning

123 Companies

Automobile Warranty Processing Service

67 Companies

Automobile Wreckers Manufacturers

501 Companies

Automobile Wrecking Wholesale

2.901 Companies

Automotive Consultants

132 Companies

Automotive Dealers

125 Companies

Automotive Information Services

280 Companies

Automotive Repair Shops

972 Companies

Automotive Services Except Repair And Car Washes

50 Companies

Automotive Stampings Manufacturers

175 Companies

Automotive Trimming Apprl Findings

1.203 Companies

Aviation Consultants

904 Companies

Aviation Fuel Wholesale

82 Companies

Awnings And Canopies

2.746 Companies

Awnings And Canopies Cleaning

69 Companies

Awnings And Canopies Maintenance

67 Companies

Awnings And Canopies Manufacturers

144 Companies


116 Companies

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